House Republicans Rip Healthcare
from American People


  • Fight to make sure the Senate does not pass Trumpcare
  • Replace your House Representative if they voted for Trumpcare.
  • Every House Representative in Wisconsin is up for re-election in 2018
  • Join groups across the state to protest Trumpcare -- scheduled close to Mothers' Day. Date and time to be announced.

According to the Indivisible website:

1. If your Representative voted for TrumpCare, they voted to:
Take away health care from 24 million Americans ( Congressional Budget Office ) resulting in 24,000 - 44,000 more deaths every year from lack of insurance as well as medical bankruptcies, lost wages, untreated illnesses...

2. Hike deductibles by $1500 on average. TrumpCare provides meager tax credits compared to the Affordable Care Act.

3. End the federal protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies will be able to charge people more if they have a pre-existing condition. 130 million Americans have a pre-existing conditions. People could face premiums well over $100,000 a year.

4.Allow insurance companies to charge older Americans significantly more for their health care. A single, 64 year old adult making $26,500/year would have to pay $14,600 in annual premiums—a 750% increase.

5. Cut $880 billion from Medicaid, affecting 70 million Americans, half are children. States will having to ration care and cut the quality of services.

6. Put lifetime and annual benefit caps even those with employer coverage. A baby with a serious medical condition could use up its lifetime limits in the first month of life under TrumpCare.

7. Make women pay more for health insurance than men. Pre-existing conditions (breast cancer or assault survival) and because pregnancy care is not a required benefit, mean women pay more for health care than men.

8.Defund Planned Parenthood. This takes affordable health care away from 3 million Americans, especially women and families, now served by Planned Parenthood. TrumpCare prohibits any funding for these clinics.

9. Harm children with special needs by cutting Special Education funds for schools. Medicaid funds a large portion of education for students with disabilities. The bill has a provision that no longer recognizes schools as required Medicaid providers, on top of the massive cuts to the program.

10. And, it does all of this in order to pay for $600 billion in tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations.